Friday, January 20, 2006

I’ve been lurking in various knitting listserves and am so amused....there is treasure chest full of support out there!

In the meantime I had the opportunity to get going on my patterning(card) based machines ...then got an electronic (all Brother)
So haven’t had time to do any posting, just too much to do!

Have a nice day ya all...

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I work for 2 non-profits in Marin County CA (near SF) that serve the Developmentally Delayed. I was introduced to weaving and knitting at a very young age. Over the years I have always had knitting on hand. There was a time where I was severely chastised for being so old fashioned, so it is great to see the upsurge in the home arts now going on! I have expanded into machine knitting; fortunately there is a great Guild nearby that has really been great. Spinning Fibers is a new thrust as well, and felting has creeped in too. If only I had more time...