Friday, March 10, 2006

Knitting at Meetings

Recently Ms. Manners in the Boston Globe answered a query about the appropriateness of knitting at meetings with a how rude etc., response. Needless to say, the hordes of knitters on a knitting related list were not too pleased and a shortlived, lively discussion ensued, until it was halted by moderators and the passionate purlers resumed sharing tips and queries.

The below response says it all. I agree,except for I never bother to ask. When I am at monthly meetings at work, after my presentation “part”(which is first)is over (unless I am the minute taker which occurs sometimes), I find knitting has always helped me to listen attentively.

One caveat: On these occasions I do not handle complex patterning that would require looking at any guides. Knitting has definitely helped me endure er a ...integrate into my brain... 3 day workshops, much better than daydreaming ever could have!

Anyway, here it is:

Subject: Re: knitting at meetings

Fellow knitters,

I am a psychologist, and have brought my knitting to many workshops
and training sessions. I always ask the presenter whether I can
knit, and so far not only has no one said no, but all have commented
on the benefits of knitting in terms of focus and concentration while
listening. One presenter, a nationally renowned expert in the use of
the body in psychotherapy, said that anyone who thinks that a knitter
cannot be paying full attention "obviously doesn't understand
sensorimotor integration." So there.


Happy Knitting!


KnittingGuru Blog said...

I love this posting. I only wish that non-knitters would read it and understand that knitting in public (at meetings, work, social events) is not rude. Knitting helps us concentrate. Of course, I'm not objective about this: I knit throughout college and graduate school :)

KnittinNurse said...

I no longer care what anybody thinks- I knit everywhere. When I get up to speed, probably will spin on a spindle as well!

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