Saturday, January 13, 2007

YouTube Group

I have a collection of FIBERY THANGS on YouTube now- You Two can now spend an entire afternoon watching videos of FIBERY THANGS. Actually I will save you hours of searching.....knitting felting spinning yikes..lots to see.

If the above doesn’t work....(and the below will allow full screen viewing as well):


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Bec said...

Hi. I just happened on your site when I was searching for knitting rhymes. THEN I saw your article about continental knitting. Being a crocheter first, knitting continental seemed like the logical thing for me to do. I think it is easier to teach kids this way of knitting as they do not have to let go of their work in order to yarn over. I am not a great knitter but I have fun. Thanks for your wonderful insight.

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I work for 2 non-profits in Marin County CA (near SF) that serve the Developmentally Delayed. I was introduced to weaving and knitting at a very young age. Over the years I have always had knitting on hand. There was a time where I was severely chastised for being so old fashioned, so it is great to see the upsurge in the home arts now going on! I have expanded into machine knitting; fortunately there is a great Guild nearby that has really been great. Spinning Fibers is a new thrust as well, and felting has creeped in too. If only I had more time...