Friday, May 04, 2007

Fashion Amusements

Interesting how the fashion and color industry dictates the world of clothing and accessories manufacturing. Even in the homemade oops- “handmade“ area, since the available raw materials are also subject to the whims of those who set the styles of the day. Hence dying,spinning, and knitting yarn (or creating felt) not to mention weaving, gives the crafty artsy person at least half a chance to be unique. Maybe...I did actually get inspired from the pdfs I downloaded.

Two websites have received my attention. The first one Fashion Forecasts - European
Has an insightful download area that apparently outlines what consumers will have available fin the future.You will have to register but I found it was worth it to download the pdfs- WOW.

Addendum 1/08- now Yu have to pay big bucks so forget that one!

The second website
Fashion Trendsetter
is a collection of all sorts of multiple industry trends. Also not for anyone who doesn’t have time on their hands!

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