Saturday, May 06, 2006

Continental Knitting

Today was a very inspirational day. The machine knitting guild folks did a fashion show and I saw some very nicely done items, creativity galore! A new member arrived today- the second man now in the guild. He goes to a class many of us attend- the daytime one of the night class I attend (same teacher) on Monday nights, when I can. Most Mondays.

The other fellow will soon be the President of the Guild! Very focussed and organized. He is also teaching himself to handknit. I had given him the heads up that I would be more than willing to help with tips there. He was so happy to show me his first efforts, apparently he went to the web and studied and started from there. I gave him the tip about slipping the first stitch to create an even edge.

I love the continental(aka German) knitting style (versus “throwing”) and commented on this when he watched me cast on and start knitting; he noticed my method was different than most others around. He tried both and wants to learn continental! Wo-hoo. My buddy likes the English (aka throwing) style (there are others too). I suppose the way you learn is the way you are most comfortable with. Years ago, I went to a HK Guild and the first thing they told me was- we need you to do Continental style of knitting, to be most efficient and “hand friendly”. No biggie- I was already there. Others in the guild told me of their struggle to “switch” but that they DID then see the merit.

Kinda reminds me of another area....I use a Mac! ......Oh...nevermind...we don’t want to go there. In my other “hobby life” I am a Macintosh User Group leader....Apple Ambassador is my title. Have held most positions including Pres forever...I also was given title of Queenie....guess they want to keep me around forever! Somebody has to do it- and it has been me...for way too long but I still enjoy the club.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Weather! Sun at last. Tomorrow is gardening day for me! Parsnip seeds, beans, peas, carrots,beets more onions basil and some starts of greens will be going in. Still have plenty of chard- onions- strawberries-various flowers- and herbs around. Hot weather stuff like squash, tomatoes and peppers can wait a bit still. Have weeded and composted - now to plant!

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