Sunday, May 21, 2006

Knitting World Cup

Did you join the Knitting Olympics?

Now you can join the Knitting World Cup!
Cast on : 9th June 2006 18:00 (Central European Time)
Finish by: final whistle 21:30 (CET) on 9th July 2006

Competition Rules:

1. Choose any project you will find a challenge.
2. You must complete it within the time frame.
3. No casting on before kick off
4. Finish before final whistle of the final match
5. “Training” sessions of tension squares are allowed prior to kick off.

Football(as in soccor) widows and knitting fiends get your team (i.e. project) selected now.

To join, email the yarn monkey and you'll be added to the teams list.

There will be a prize draw from the winners for some stichin' and bitchin' swag.

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