Monday, September 25, 2006

Knit Fulled/Felted Hat and Guild

See previous post for before pix. As you can see, the end result is a WAY shorter hat, and it shrinks more in length than in width as well. This one has a nice firm brim that can be adjusted to fold up more in front or be the same all the way around.

I partially knit another wide brimmed hat for felting in Alpaca, a fabulous raspberry color but ran out of yarn (had doubled the thickish yarn ) so I may need to rip it and combine with a different one, or do something else. Now that I have used the yarn, I am thinking it is so nice and soft that it may be better off not fulled/felted at all. You can use hard yarn, even carpet yarn, and felting will make it very soft. It actully is a waste of yarn to use luxury yarn for felting.

Since these hats are generally knit up in a few Netflix sittings, no biggie ripping. Just hope the alpaca yarn survives ok. Lately I have read about knitting with strips of roving so will use those guidelines of I do rip per is was barely twisted.

Yesterday was my Spinning Guild meeting (we had a fiber related swap meet) and I came home with some fabulous knitting books (Barbara Walker), other fiber and craft books, and more WOOL!!! And a pair of lethal weapons, also know as Louet combs.

I had to explain to my Honey that the Sheep Sheparding book is not for getting sheep!

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monique said...

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.Its great that you like to swap with me.
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I would love to hear what you want to receive from the Netherlands.

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