Saturday, September 23, 2006

Winter hats are starting up

Oh been too busy keeping up with life duties to blog, plus of course doing some knitting, spinning, wet felting ( and raw wool processing) and knitting for felting. Oh yes, machine knitting too. No wonder blogging is sporatic!

WIPs are making progress. Latest completed is a wide brimmed knitted-and-then-felted hat. It turned out quite nice. Never can tell from knitting then felting, how tight or how long it will end up, and you have to really pay attention. This project ( see prefelting image) needed 2 full cycles through the washing machine with a pair of jeans. Tide and HOT wash COLD rinse. Can you tell I like to wear knit/crocheted things? I don’t crochet much and the crochet cardi is one of my treasures that keeps on trucking; Mom made it over 30 years ago.

Anyway, the hat was from a strand of fairly thick Lopi and another of a fine maroon colored carpet yarn, per 2 strands always help in the felting of a hand knit item. Size 10.5 needles. Using 2 circulars, this knit up in a few sessions of movie viewing. I will post the completed item soon.....

My machine knitting group met earlier this month and I am reinspired, new techniques. We had Tricia Shafer of Knitters Edge. She is so dynamic and has THE website for both machine and handknitting. She showed us many hand manipulated aspects to use on knitting machines. The tips re nice looking decreases were insightful.

I love going to my 2 guilds. Tomorrow my spinning guild is having a stash reduction and swap based meeting. Wo-hoo! They also have a great library and you can request books and magazines via online, and pick up at the meeting. Ain’t technology grand? I’ll be getting a book called Women‘s Work, the First 20,000 years. This book really speaks to me; I was an Anthroplogy Major when I first went to college. Margaret Mead inspired! I had just returned from Micronesia....Anyway, the book sounds great!

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