Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lefties and Continental knitting

Ran across an article that really sums my feelings about the dilemma facing left handed persons re learning knitting. Anyway, good article ahead; has an interestingly sexist slant too:


I am not left handed by nature but my mother was. She was forced to write right handed, as was the custom at the time.She did just about everything else lefty. She knit continental. I am somewhat lefty AND righty, probably from some genetic aspect as well as visually imitating a parent.

The article above is the first one I have seen that really hits the nail on the head. If left handed person is guided into knitting mirror English style- as many left handed folks are taught- the too many adjustments to patterns, etc., make it way too daunting.

Unfortunately, in the US knitting is taught primarily with the throwing method( aka English). Not very lefty friendly IMHO. I consider myself lucky to have been taught continental (aka picking or German) at a very young age and sense is it so much more ergonomically safe; it also balances the use of both hands very well.

Once upon a time I joined a knitting guild whose only requirement was the willingness to learn continental style! HA! No problem. The other women who had switched were all very content.

So- try it , you might like it!

Just be be fair here is a demo of English style
English style animation

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