Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surgery Decision

Booker’s mom checking in-

Recap - Limping, then Right knee had a positive drawer sign mid June. Initiated conservative management, supplements and food improvements, after it had stabilized, as far as we could tell i.e. when he returned to full weight bearing, we then slowly added activity, a short distance each day.

No more limping, muscles toned back up, happy, trotting fine, tho we hold back- no stairs, no jumping , no mega hikes and beach running mania etc...

Well, we got the right Ortho Vet for us and trust him 100%. The good news is his hips seem fine from his hands on exam and a look at X-rays we brought along. We had a set of really bad x-rays from the Vet who first saw Bookie-the general vet had stated he had misaligned hips-- man the X-rays are so very bad !! I want my 300 bucks back! I often see human X-rays and know these were.. of minimal value. The 2 x-rays basically only showed no other growths etc, not much information. We shall see.

In any case looks like Booker stabilized the tissues around the joint so he could use it but bone on bone will soon appear, and probably had a full tear occur; drawer sign is very evident when he was manipulated (albeit not sedated this time).

Waaa. We are going for the fully Monty- TPLO - for best outcome, least arthritis . Then see how the luxating patella changes- or not.

Booker‘s limbs are very out of conformation- all bowlegged in front (which may or may not catch up with him) and the right leg has a twist to it, which rules out the normal fix for patellar luxation ( repair=relocation of the bony prominence where the knee then, theoretically, will stay in place).

At least the his left rear leg is “normal”!

So for Christmas I am telling friends/family to donate to their favorite charity, and my funds will go to the Vet office! We usually don’t get caught up the whole gift thing too much anyway- prefer have them over all through December- to fix ‘em all great dinner and hang out instead...

Happy Holidays......... Surgery will be post Thanksgiving. I am on Orthodogs yahoo list and gleaning tips like the soft 3-collar, donut collar, no slippery floors, no stairs, pain management. Much of it basically a repeat of conservative management but with drugs.He was a total zombie on Rimadyl for a few days so I am researching the best way to manage things post surgery now.

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Geng said...

Take care of Booker. We all want him to enjoy the holidays.

Make sure your read on the side effects of Rimadyl.

My dog was not so lucky. Feels empty these holidays.


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