Thursday, January 01, 2009

Spinning Image

The stamp is a fun Mosaic. Happy New Year!

I’ve been having fun making handknit hats for Christmas gifts, experimenting with my knitting machine and spinning up yarn for some new projects. Current project OTN is an adaptation from Garn Studio ( see patterns links) for a pair of slippers. Fulled, I am adding thrums to the foot area and knitting them from energized singles spun from a Corriedale/Lincoln. The white fleece thrums are also from a C/L cross sheep. Sheep that graze at a great field at a Day program where I see them several times a week, and am the only person spinning their wool!

I continued with my dread lock-like hat pattern from the good response I received to them and several family members now sport one. I was amused at the great response I received when I wore mine around these recent colder days- many strangers approached me with the question of where I got it. Then if they could buy one from me, when they found out I had knit it myself.

I will have to get a few pix up! The hat is also the one I submitted to the local county fair and won a huge pink ribbon!- 4th place in the Art to Wear Division, the umbrella category for all garments, hundreds of hats,accessories etc at the fair. My first County Fair submission. Wo-hoo! I did take particular care with the finishing aspects. Paid off! One of these days I will get a pix up!

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