Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Humorously surfing the web

Click here for: GIMME YOUR STUFF

This is so funny. Unfortunately most of the exchanges being mentioned on the site are food related. I am rather a healthy (read: fresh is best) food nut so will be offering..FIBERS! I’ll throw in some chocolate, I have a humungous collection of yarn -ends, skeins and of course wool in various states of washing, dyeing, carding and spinning. The GIMME YOUR STUFF site was mentioned on a fiber related list I am on, so this is my post to OFFER. I’ll also include Northern California related items like postcards from Art shows, local newspapers (gotta love the personals) and anything else that I can gather up starting today. Maybe some healthy type of treats too.

Offering for spinners:
Raw wool from sheep only used for petting LOL (heh heh heh) Seriously, these are NICE. If you like to do the sheep to shawl bit. Or felting!
Washed wool from same- grey, white and black with some brown tips

Offering for knitters:
Let’s talk! Lots of wool, cotton and mystery yarn in a wide range of colors.
Pattern magazines

Happy Crafting and hope to have a fun person from overseas exchange with me. Any musk ox farmers? Camel drivers ...Just kidding (maybe!)


ambermoggie said...

love the sound of knitting stuff:) what are you looking for from Scotland?

monique said...

I just found gimme your stuff today and I think this is great!

I'm from the Netherlands and I would love to swap with you.
I just love knitting and crochet and crafting magazines.If your interested I would love to hear from you.

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