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Salad / Recipe of the month

AW Schucks! I submitted a recipe and !viola~ My online Knitting Machine Club’s newsletter showed up with this!

Recipe Of TheMonth:

Claudia’s Salad

This one’s a real crowd pleaser and helps folks get
“creative” with a salad recipe:

Disclaimer: no exact formula is required, most of the
ingredients are "to taste".

Salad fixin's: finely chop a ratio of 3/4 Chinese cabbage,
to 1/4 Red Cabbage. (3/4 cup per person is a good estimate)

Add as much as desired:
Finely chopped green onion, fresh basil, parsley or any
other herb combo.
Celantro is really good but some folks don't like it, so leave off for "potluck".
Tangerine sections can be put in as much desired, or cut
up oranges (if tangerines are offseason)
Daikon radish (I personally love daikon and add plenty to
mine) (Any vegetables you like could be added, in season etc.)

Dressing: (amount also approx- make as much as you need in these proportions)
Take 1/8-1/4 cup of roasted sesame oil. Mix with approx. 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar (seasoned rice wine vingar is ok too)
and 1/4-1/3 cup orange juice or concentrate.
If this looks like too much, you can save some for another time!

Crunchy parts: Depending on size of salad, take one or
more "top ramen" noodle packs, break into very small
pieces and DRY (no oil) roast in a hot iron skillet until
lightly browned. (Stirring at all times is the key to an
even roast and no burn) Remove from pan. Take the
same pan, getting it hot again, put in 1-2 teaspoons of
salt, allowing this to roast for awhile (2-4 minutes is ok, it won’t burn)
stirring occasionally, take out and set aside, preferably in
a mortar and pestle. In same pan, getting medium hot
again, quickly put in 10 tsp of sesame seeds (to each
tsp of salt). They will (if hot enough) immediately begin to pop like
popcorn, so stir well and shake pan with lid on for a
SHORT TIME, roasting to light brown color, checking
and stirring to prevent burning--about 1-2 minutes. Grind
salt and sesame together to coarse level-- some whole
seeds are fine- with mortar and pestle.(This is called
GOMASIO and is a very yummy, traditional Japanese food.)
Mix with the roasted noodles. Salt may also be omitted,
if necessary.

Assemble: Mix salad greens (reds too ;->), citrus and other vegetable
ingredients in a bowl. Immediately before serving,
mix/dress sparingly with the well-shaken dressing.
Sprinkle, for the top layer, with the noodle/sesame salt
mixture. DO NOT MIX. Serve with the crispy layer on
top. Best to dress and serve only enough to serve within
15 minutes, as the noodles stay crisper that way.

ENJOY! This is ALWAYS a potluck hit!

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