Friday, June 30, 2006

The Knitting Garter Carriage World Cup

Well, I am cheating on my Knitting World Cup project, and besides, who can really knit much while checking out the action! Normally I am not that interested in the sports on da tube, however things like Olympics and now the World Cup going on right now are fun and exciting. I can see all folks all over the world crouching over TV sets.....all day long. I do not have TV reception nor cable at home (Netflix only here) but have been watching elsewhere at times.

Anyway, back to the hobby related theme. I am cheating by using an accessory to my knitting machine, called a garter carriage. It knits away on it’s own! I am setting it up to be knitting little swatches of patterning with a few inches of ribbing at one end. These have been then sewn up by moi and are the cutest darn “cellphone bags“. My friends and coworkers are hounding me since I started wearing mine around my wrist last week. They pass cell phones out like candy at one of my jobs, so I have two now..uggh....

It’s really a test of the various patterns my Brother Knitting Machine (electronic 940) can produce. So far I have about 15 of ‘em. Sorry no pix-(may add some later). Currently they are flying out the door to friends and coworkers as fast as I can sew them up. I have to use the regular / handcarriage to knit about 600 rows of an i-cord, that is then crocheted into a thicker cord, which is then the drawstring.

Spinning has taken a back seat and is still in it’s rudimentary stages for me. Spindle and Ashford Traditional have lots of competition, between wet- and needle-felting, dyeing yarn and roving, washing wool and handcarding. And the machine knitting. Handknitting still abounds from using time otherwise wasted waiting in doctor’s offices.( As previously mentioned, I am a Registered Nurse for an Instutution ( now becoming group home based) and take folks unable to do so for themselves to MDs or the ER many times per week, among other duties of course) I am doing socks from yarn I dyed by hand, on matching “blanks” of machine knitted yarn that is then reknitted. Self striping! No ends! I have a link to the technique elsewhwere...

Anyway ..icanspin links were a nice starting point and of course the guild meetings and helpful members got me going. The tip to spin a little bit everyday has fallen by the way side for now; I better check these out and get going again!

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